Graphic of two speakers

A Special Message from our President and CEO, Kathleen M. Gibson:

Many thanks to David Thomas, Vice President of industry research at Biotechnology Innovation Organization (Bio) for joining us on November 5 as keynote speaker for the 2020 Bio North Texas Virtual iC3 Life Sciences Summit.

David holds a tremendous and intriguing background as a noted biochemist and a respected chartered financial analyst. His unique background and current role leading research for BIO positioned him well to kick off our conference and share with attendees a fascinating look at the state of the biotech industry – and the impact of COVID-19.

When Bio North Texas launched iC3 we began a journey to create greater awareness of the fast-growing life sciences community in North Texas. It has been a remarkable story to watch unfold!

In 2020, we find ourselves in even more remarkable times in the life science and health care community.

Today, the iC3 conference is helping us to connect with one another during one of the most important intersections in our history. Because we have built the robust life science ecosystem we have in the United States – we are able to apply extensive leadership in pandemic discovery and apply that discovery to improving clinical treatment and finding vaccines faster than ever before.

The tremendous innovation across the world is dovetailing with significant innovation emerging out of North Texas universities and companies.

The pandemic has helped us create momentum and spread the democratization of knowledge about public health in pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions, vaccines, therapeutics, distribution, and resource deployment. Each of these public health topics have become common conversations in our public discourse.

And, with this backdrop, the need for Bio North Texas to continue building momentum in our life science community is unmistakable – and our iC3 2020 has taken on special significance.

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