About Us

Who envisioned Southwestern Medical Foundation?
Dr. Edward H. Cary, Karl Hoblitzelle, Hall Shannon, and E.R. Brown chartered Southwestern Medical Foundation in 1939 to build the medical center we lacked in the Southwestern U.S. Read our original charter here.
Where is Southwestern Medical Foundation located?
Southwestern Medical Foundation is located at 3889 Maple Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75219. We can be reached by phone at 214-351-6143 and by emailing info@swmedical.org.
Is Southwestern Medical Foundation a 501(c)(3)?
Yes, Southwestern Medical Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. View our IRS classification letter here.
What types of programs does Southwestern Medical Foundation support?
We support medical research, medical education, medical faculty, medical students and other learners in health care, patient and clinical programs, and health care awareness and prevention.
Where can I find more information about Southwestern Medical Foundation's financials?
You may find publicly available information about our financials on Charity Navigator or Candid (formerly GuideStar). We also produce an Annual Report, available online and downloadable here.

Additional information: IRS Form 990 | Audited Financial Statements
What is Southwestern Medical Foundation’s relationship to UT Southwestern?
In 1939, Southwestern Medical Foundation was established to build a medical center with facilities and clinics to study the causes, prevention, and cure diseases of the minds and bodies of underserved persons residing in the Southwestern United States and elsewhere. The medical center was also created to develop and train laboratory workers, physicians, and nurses in treating diseased persons, in the study of individual and community hygiene, and in promoting public health and medical research. In May 1943, the Foundation founded Southwestern Medical College of Southwestern Medical Foundation. When the University of Texas System authorized a second medical branch in 1949, the Foundation gifted the assets of the medical college (now UT Southwestern Medical Center) to the UT System. The Foundation returned to its original vision of raising funds to advance medical education and scientific research. While 90% of the Foundation’s grants and distributions benefit UT Southwestern, the Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3). Southwestern Medical Foundation is a separately incorporated Texas non-profit corporation.

Donation Questions

Are donations made to Southwestern Medical Foundation tax deductible?
Gifts to Southwestern Medical Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.
What types of assets may I use to make a planned gift to Southwestern Medical Foundation?
Southwestern Medical Foundation is able to accept assets of many different types, subject to the Foundation's gift acceptance policy. Assets under management include annuities, bequests, charitable trusts, IRA gifts, gifts of insurance, gifts of real estate, and gifts of oil and gas interests. Learn more on our Planned Giving page.
May I make recurring donations to Southwestern Medical Foundation?
Yes. You can select "Make this a recurring gift" on our give page and customize the frequency.
Where do I mail my donation to Southwestern Medical Foundation?
Southwestern Medical Foundation
Parkland Hall at Old Parkland
3889 Maple Ave, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75219
Can I see your Charitable Solicitation Disclosure?
Please find our Charitable Solicitation Disclosure here.
What's the difference between an endowed gift and a current purpose gift?
Endowed gifts are maintained in perpetuity to provide a permanent income stream in to support of a donor's intended gift. Current purpose gifts are fully expended during a determined period of time for current use.