Our partners are part of our mission.

Southwestern Medical Foundation carries a spirit of collaboration in today’s medical landscape, joining with our community partners and supporters in a shared mission to inspire progress in medicine for the Southwestern region and the broader world beyond. We are proud to align our efforts with UT Southwestern and others in advancing the progress we wish to see in fulfilling our mission.

Doctors outisde of Clements hospital

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Our primary beneficiary and partner

Partners over the years

Supporting medical progress and innovation in our region and beyond.

BioNTX logo

Bio North Texas Inc.

Advancing biosciences and healthcare in North Texas by fostering collaboration, promoting local resources, educating the community, and supporting sound policy.

CDRC logo

UT Southwestern's Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care

Creating a future free from the burden of depression.

Communities Foundation of Texas logo

Communities Foundation of Texas

Building thriving communities for all.

Healthcare Think Tank Logo

Healthcare Think Tank, LLC

Learning about healthcare-related topics that impact our community, the country and even the world from the most informed presenters.

Health Wildcatters logo

Health Wildcatters

Providing investments and key resources to support healthcare entrepreneurs.

If/Then Logo


IF/THEN® is a part of Lyda Hill Philanthropies’ commitment to fund game-changing advancements in nature & science. It is designed to activate a culture shift among young girls to open their eyes to STEM careers.

Lyda Hill Philanthropies Logo

Lyda Hill Philanthropies

Lyda Hill Philanthropies encompasses the charitable giving for founder Lyda Hill and includes her foundation and personal philanthropy.

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute Logo

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Providing independent, nonpartisan, data-driven, and trusted policy and program guidance that creates systemic changes so all Texans can obtain effective, efficient behavioral health care when and where they need it.

Moncrief Cancer Institute logo

Moncrief Cancer Institute

A nonprofit, community-based early detection and support center in Fort Worth.

Pegasus Park logo

Pegasus Park

A center for business, social impact, and biomedical innovation exemplifying the spirit that has made Dallas one of the nation’s most dynamic cities.

Philanthropy Southwest Logo

Philanthropy Southwest

Fostering meaningful philanthropy and trusted relationships that impact the southwest region’s people, communities, and most pressing issues.


TAMEST (The Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas)

TAMEST hosts an annual conference, engages in educational programs on key issues and offers awards to provide recognition to aspiring Texas-based researchers.