The Cary Council is dedicated to advancing early-stage research at UT Southwestern, in partnership with Southwestern Medical Foundation. Through engaging programming, they are catalyzing a new generation of community leaders and working to raise awareness of the important cause of academic medicine, research, and medical education in our community.


An Evening with DocStars

An Evening with DocStars 2023 was a night to remember. The Cary Council’s signature event was bigger and brighter than ever as we celebrated and supported early-stage research at UT Southwestern.

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Our Inspiration

In 1939, Dr. Edward H. Cary had a vision to advance medical education, scientific research, and “inspire a great citizenship to greater deeds.” It was a vision that led to the establishment of both the Foundation and Southwestern Medical College, the precursor to today’s UT Southwestern Medical Center.

From the beginning, the Foundation and the medical school were supported by the city’s most farsighted civic and business leaders. What the Foundation has been able to achieve, it has done through the commitment of visionary leadership—a commitment that has helped build a great city while delivering life-changing advances in patient care, medical discoveries, dedicated physicians and brilliant scientists.

Through The Cary Council, the warmth of the relationship between civic leaders, the Foundation and UT Southwestern taps a new generation of leadership—young men and women that will carry on the visionary tradition that has enabled both the Foundation and the medical school to flourish.

Since its founding in 2015, The Cary Council has provided 18 $50,000 grants to early-stage researchers, resulting in $13+ million in follow-on funding. Additionally, The Cary Council has been able to participate along with esteemed leaders and philanthropists in the community to contribute to UT Southwestern’s Campaign for the Brain in support of the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute.

A Personal Connection to Inspiring Impact

Saryn and Jonathan Dietz, the 2023 event chairs of An Evening with DocStars, share their personal connection to The Cary Council and why they are so committed to making an impact in their community.

The Cary Council Steering Committee

Lauren Baldwin

Victoria Huffines Bohn

Lili Clark

Jonathan Dietz

Molly Edwards

Barrell Jones

Alexandra Kahn

Alex Kincaid

Sam Kincaid

Brian Pryor

Lara Pryor

Josie Sewell (Chair)

Rob Swift

Erik Yohe

The Cary Council Founder’s Circle

Brittny Allred

Annika Cail

Lewis Chang

Nancy Collins

Lana Constantine

Grace Cook

Pete Dale

Anders Fisher

Amanda George

Michael Gregory

Grafton Ifill

Jacob Jones

Michael Kahn

Kate Morris

Amanda Shufeldt

Mills Weinmann

Recent News and Events

An Evening with DocStars 2023

November 2, 2023 – An Evening with DocStars 2023 was a night to remember. The Cary Council’s signature event was bigger and brighter than ever as we celebrated and supported early-stage research at UT Southwestern.

What’s Up, Doc?

September 19, 2023 – The Cary Council held a meet & greet event on the campus of UT Southwestern to get to know the 2023 DocStars. This program featured breakout sessions where this year’s DocStars presented their research and took questions from The Cary Council members.

Learning From Leaders

June 8, 2023 – The Cary Council’s program, Learning From Leaders, brought together Foundation leaders, Jere W. Thompson, Jr. and Michael McMahan. Moderated by The Cary Council Members Lili Clark and Erik Yohe, the two leaders discussed the growth of Dallas and how The Cary Council will play an integral part.

Spring Kickoff

February 28, 2023 – The Cary Council kicked off its programming year with an inside look at the new Cancer Care Outpatient Building at UT Southwestern. Special guest, Dr. John Sweetenham shared how UTSW is advancing patient-centric cancer care in the new facility and provided council members with a tour of the facility.