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W.A. Tex Jr. and Deborah Moncrief

The Moncrief Radiation and Research Foundation, chaired by W. A.“Tex“ Moncrief, Jr., had awarded the Moncrief Radiation Center in Fort Worth to the UT System in 1995. But in 1999, Moncrief made the decision to transfer ownership so that it could be staffed and managed by UT Southwestern. Moncrief was a Fort Worth oilman and patriarch of one of Texas’ first families of philanthropy, having learned the importance of giving from his parents, W.A. “Monty” and Elizabeth Moncrief. The Moncrief Radiation Center, which had been renamed Moncrief Cancer Resources, was one of the first community radiation facilities in the country.

The physical plant and equipment were valued at $30 million, and the Moncrief Foundation’s endowment had, by 1999, grown to $60 million. Together, the $90 million donation represented the largest single philanthropic gift ever received by a university or medical center in Texas at that time. “Tex and Deborah Moncrief rank among the most generous philanthropists in America,” Wildenthal said. “Beyond that, they are — purely and simply — just wonderful, good people.” Southwestern Medical Foundation and the medical center were blessed to count among their friends many wonderful, good people — compassionate and generous men and women, families and foundations committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

And, remarkably, seen as one philanthropic community, they were just getting started.

Our Progress

World Class Care

Moncrief Cancer Institute is part of UT Southwestern’s Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is the only National Cancer Institute-designated center in North Texas.

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1 Million People reached annually by Moncrief Cancer Institute