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Photo Recap: Health Wildcatters Hosts its Second Hackathon
Dallas Innovates August 16, 2019
Health Wildcatters held its second Texas Healthcare Challenge hackathon with the goal of creating solutions around innovation and challenges in healthcare.  REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Announces New Chairman, Trustees
DCEO Healthcare July 3, 2019

James R. Huffines will be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Southwestern Medical Foundation. He will be joined by four new board members: Timothy P. Costello, Sarah K. Miller, Matthew S. Ramsey, and Sam L. Susser.  REPRINT

DI People: MTX Group, Applications Software, J.Hilburn Make Leadership Moves
Dallas Innovates    July 2, 2019

James R. Huffines has been elected chairman of the board of trustees of Southwestern Medical Foundation. Four new members were also elected to the board: Timothy P. Costello, Sarah K. Miller, Matthew S. Ramsey, and Sam L. Susser. REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation announces new board chairman
Dallas Business Journal    July 1, 2019
Dallas-based Southwestern Medical Foundation announced that James Huffines will be its board’s new Chairman, in addition to the appointment of four trustee members.  REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Names Ho Din Award Winner
DCEO Healthcare    May 13, 2019
Dr. Bethany Werner, who will complete her residency at UT Southwestern, shares what it means to her to represent her class through this award.  REPRINT

Cary Council issues 3 grants to UT Southwestern doctors
The Dallas Morning News    January 2, 2019
The Cary Council, a group of young supporters of UT Southwestern medical Center, has given three $50,000 grants to young doctors to advance their research.  REPRINT

Cary Council Recognizes UT Southwestern Doctors for Promising Research
D CEO Healthcare    January 2, 2019
Dr. Prasanna Alluri, Dr. David Greenberg, and Dr. Animesh Tandon were grant recipients.  REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Elects 10 New Trustees
D CEO Healthcare    October 24, 2018
Southwestern Medical Foundation elects 10 community leaders as new trustees for their commitment of talent, insight, and time.  REPRINT

Meet the 2018 Winner of the Most Prestigious Accolade a UT Southwestern Student Can Receive
D CEO Healthcare    May 31, 2018
Dr. Philip Tolley, winner of the 2018 Ho Din Award, shares more about his love for teaching and how his patients inspire him.  REPRINT

Panel Highlights UTSW Cancer Prevention, Genetics Programs
D CEO Healthcare    November 27, 2017
The Foundation hosts 8th Leading the Conversation on Health event, featuring the leading edge pancreatic cancer prevention and cancer genetics programs at UT Southwestern.  REPRINT

Star Dallas Doctors Party, Play Life-Size Operation
Paper City   November 24, 2017
The Cary Council’s inaugural event, An Evening with DocStars, features a lesson in suturing a teddy bear and a life-size game of Operation.   REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Leaders Reflect on 75 Years in Dallas
Dallas Business Journal   November 8, 2017
Foundation President and CEO, Kathleen Gibson, talks about the Foundation’s 75-year legacy in North Texas and plans for the future.   REPRINT

UT Southwestern, Southwestern Medical Foundation Launch Signature Event Supporting Early-Stage Research
D CEO Healthcare   October 14, 2017

The Cary Council, a group of emerging leaders, holds its inaugural fundraising event to support early state research.   REPRINT

Questions & Answers
Katy Trail Weekly   April 14, 2017
Southwestern Medical Foundation President and CEO, Kathleen Gibson, talks about the Foundation’s mission and top priorities.   REPRINT

Foundation Hosts Annual Scholarship Reception
The Dallas Morning News   March 8, 2017
Southwestern Medical Foundation hosted its annual Scholarship reception with donors and scholarship recipients at Old Parkland.   REPRINT

Lunch with D CEO: Kathleen Gibson
D CEO Healthcare   February 28, 2017
Southwestern Medical Foundation’s President and CEO shares her path from banking to medical philanthropy.   REPRINT

Hoblitzelle Foundation to Accept Southwestern Medical Foundation 2017 Sprague Award
D CEO Healthcare   January 30, 2017

Southwestern Medical Foundation will recognize Hoblitzelle Foundation with The Sprague Award for 2017, celebrating Hoblitzelle Foundation’s storied history of giving to the community where it’s most needed.   REPRINT

Hoblitzelle Foundation to be Lauded for its $213 Million in Charity Donations
The Dallas Morning News   January 25, 2017

The Hoblitzelle Foundation, which has donated over $213 million to charity since 1942, will receive The Sprague Award for 2017 from Southwestern Medical Foundation at a private fundraising dinner Feb. 7 at Old Parkland.   REPRINT

The University of Texas at Dallas Receives Two Grants for Virtual Medical Work
UTDallas Online News Center   January 12, 2017

Funding from Southwestern Medical Foundation and the National Institutes for Health will fuel ongoing research into virtual reality-based systems to improve patient communication skills.

Inspiring People: Michael Kahn Founder of the Cary Council
The Dallas Morning News   December 2, 2016
Michael Kahn discusses his inspiration as founder of The Cary Council, a joint program with Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern.   REPRINT

Conversation With: UTSW’s Madhukar Trivedi Talks The Potential of Depression Research
D Healthcare Daily   October 14, 2016
The Cary Council Kicks off Fall 2016 Learning from Leaders, Julie Hersh and Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, about the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care at UT Southwestern.   REPRINT

Thirteen New Trustees Join Board of Southwestern Medical Foundation
The Park Cities News   September 22, 2016

Southwestern Medical Foundation elects new Trustees who offer their talents and expertise to drive the mission of the Foundation forward.   REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Adds 13 Trustees
Dallas Business Journal – online   September 21, 2016

The Foundation’s new trustees, who will help to shape the future of academic medicine and philanthropy in our community, are exemplary business and philanthropic leaders.   REPRINT

Meet the Southwestern Medical Foundation’s 13 New Trustees
D Healthcare Daily News  September 19, 2016
Thirteen business, civic, and philanthropic leaders join the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.   REPRINT

Meet the 2016 Winner of UT Southwestern’s Most Prestigious Student Accolade
D Healthcare Daily News  June 29, 2016

Dr. Sam Parnell, recipient of the Foundation’s 2016 Ho Din Award, shares why this award is important to him and embodies what medicine is truly about: “really caring about people.”   REPRINT

Funding Science Can Boost Texas’ Economy
The Dallas Morning News  June 20, 2016

Robert Rowling and James Huffines share their vision of the state as “the apex of innovation.”

Southwestern Medical Foundation Announces Dr. Samuel Parnell Winner of 2016 Ho Din Award
Park City News  June 16, 2016

Dr. Parnell is the 2016 recipient of the Ho Din Award established by Southwestern Medical Foundation to recognize the qualities inherent in all great physicians—medical wisdom and human understanding.

Gov. Abbott Vows To Attract Even More Scientists To Texas
D Healthcare Daily   May 10, 2016

In conversation with Southwestern Medical Foundation chairman Bob Rowling, Gov. Greg Abbott plans to continue to direct public funds toward attracting researchers at Texas’ universities.

At Old Parkland, Jim Lehrer Holds Court in Event Honoring UT Southwestern
D Healthcare Daily   February 29, 2016

Southwestern Medical Foundation recognized the critical support of the Dallas civic and business community in enabling the success of UT Southwestern.

A History of Southwestern Medical Foundation as Told by its CEO
D Healthcare Daily    February 25, 2016
Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation, shares the vision of the Foundation’s founder, Edward Cary, and how he engaged the Dallas business community in building and sustaining UT Southwestern.

Inspiring People: Kathleen Gibson
Dallas Morning News   February 17, 2016

Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation, talks about the Foundation’s beginnings and how the Dallas business community’s support has made it all possible.   REPRINT

Formation of The Cary Council Inspires Awareness and Growth for Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern Medical Center
Your Park Cities Blog   December 2, 2015

New council will engage emerging leaders in continuing the legacy of Dr. Edward H. Cary In building academic medicine.

Southwestern Medical Foundation Hosts Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain
The Park Cities News    October 29, 2015

Leading the Conversation on Health event at Old Parkland presents “The Newest in Neuroscience: Moving Beyond the Unknown Unknowns.”    REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation’s “Leading the Conversation on Health,” a Series of “Fireside Chats”
The Park Cities News    September 10, 2015

Leading the Conversation on Health event features a talk with Dr. Gregory Fitz, EVP Dean and Provost UT Southwestern Medical School, and Mary Villani, an outstanding student from UT Southwestern Medical School.    REPRINT

Foundation Presents 2015 Ho Din Award to Dr. Laurie Elise Seidel
The Park Cities News    July 2, 2015

Southwestern Medical Foundation has presented its highest honor to Dr. Laurie Seidel.    REPRINT

Meet the Dallas Native Who Won UT Southwestern’s Highest Graduate Honor    
D Healthcare    June 22, 2015
Dr. Laurie Seidel wins prestigious Ho Din Award.    REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Annual Meeting and Ho Din Award Presentation
The Dallas Morning News, Neighbors Go    June 12, 2015
Annual Meeting for the Board of Trustees and Dr. Laurie Seidel introduced May 28.

Dallas Native Wins Medical School’s High Honor
The Dallas Morning News    May 28, 2015
Dr. Laurie Elise Seidel has won the 2015 Ho Din Award.

Southwestern Medical Foundation Talks Health    
Dallas Business Journal, Public Eye   April 25, 2015
Foundation presents the second in its “Leading the Conversation on Health” programs at Old Parkland. REPRINT

Fighting Alzheimer’ s
The Dallas Morning News, Neighbors Go    April 17, 2015

Presbyterian Village North Foundation gifts $1,250,000 to support Alzheimer’s research.

Southwestern Medical Foundation 75th Anniversary Celebration
Park Cities People    March 25, 2015

Foundation announced $7.5 million gift to UT Southwestern to support and inspire additional giving.   REPRINT

$1.25M Gift to Aid UT Southwestern Research
The Dallas Morning News    March 11, 2015

The Presbyterian Village North Foundation has given $1.25 million toward Alzheimer’s research at UT Southwestern Medical Center.    REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation Honors Students, Benefactors   
The Dallas Morning News    March 2, 2015

Philanthropists have chance to meet medical students who receive the scholarships fromtheir generous donations.    REPRINT

SW Medical Foundation Celebrates 75 Years
Dallas Business Journal, Public Eye    February 27, 2015

Southwestern Medical Foundation recently celebrated its 75th Anniversary by honoring the community who helped build the medical school.    REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation is Giving $7.5 Million to UT Southwestern Medical Center
Park Cities News    February 26, 2015

The gift is a part of the Foundation’s 75th anniversary event.    REPRINT

Local Support Helps Medical Center Reach 75
The Dallas Morning News    February 9, 2015
Generosity aids UT Southwestern, say Mike Rawlings, William Solomon and Robert Rowling.    REPRINT

Mike Rawlings, William T. Solomon, Robert B. Rowling: “The Power of Giving Has Shaped UT Southwestern”
The Dallas Morning News    February 8, 2015

The Chronicle of Philanthropy ranks DFW as eighth most generous metro area in the U.S.    REPRINT

Southwestern Medical Foundation 75th Anniversary Gala
The Dallas Morning News, Neighbors Go    February 4, 2015

The legacy of advancing medical research, education, and patient care in the community with ongoing 75th anniversary events and gifts.    REPRINT

Giving Guide 
Dallas Business Journal    December 12, 2014

The lasting gift of Southwestern Medical Foundation.     REPRINT