The Cary Council’s Learning From Leaders program on April 9 was a captivating exploration of global issues and local responsibility. Featuring insights from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Ambassador Robert Jordan (Ret.), this special program was also recorded as Southwestern Medical Foundation’s inaugural episode of Learning From Leaders – The Podcast.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and former Ambassador Robert Jordan speaking at the Learning From Leaders live podcast recording.

Senator Hutchison and Ambassador Jordan inspired the audience with personal anecdotes about mentors who shaped their storied careers, underscoring the importance of seeking wisdom from others when growing toward new levels of leadership.

The one [who taught me] the most was Ann Armstrong. I learned so much from her, and she was a natural politician, and I learned when to fight and when to switch, and that is such an important lesson.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

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Both leaders also shared excellent advice for those who are moving upward in their careers, noting how pivotal the early years can be for learning what it takes to succeed and inspire others.

We have to be prepared for the challenges we’re going to have. And so how do you do that? You can’t just wing it. You have to put in just the midnight oil sometimes to get it done. And so I think that would be my strongest piece of advice is to be prepared for what you’re doing, know what it takes.

Ambassador Robert Jordan

Remembering Kace Phillips

Before the discussion began, Claire Phillips courageously shared a personal story of losing her husband, Kace Phillips, to glioblastoma. Despite her loss, she has chosen to turn her grief into action by supporting brain cancer research at UT Southwestern. Most notably, making the decision to donate Kace’s brain to the very doctor who treated him, in hopes that it may help advance the treatment and care for future patients facing the same diagnosis. Her resilience and determination to make a positive impact left a lasting impression on attendees, serving as a powerful reminder of the strength that can arise from adversity.

Photo Gallery: Learning From Leaders with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Ambassador Robert Jordan

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