A Message from Our President and CEO about the Impact of our COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Kathleen Gibson
Kathleen M. Gibson

The generosity of our donors is inspiring a higher standard in public health in our community. Our founder, Dr. Edward H. Cary, once noted that for a community, the value of a higher standard in public health is incalculable. While this is true, and we will not be able to fully quantify or calculate the number of benefits this higher standard has brought, we nevertheless wish to send our deep appreciation for your support of the many advances made by UT Southwestern during this period of COVID-19. We hope you will enjoy reviewing this impact report. It includes some of the ways in which your contributions to the COVID-19 emergency fund supported UT Southwestern Medical Center’s pandemic response. From masks to meals to childcare support, these gifts buoyed the hearts and minds of dedicated medical teams time and again.

On behalf of UT Southwestern’s health care teams, and the patients and families they serve, we want you to know your impact through the COVID-19 emergency fund is lasting far beyond this moment in history. These teams have emerged with even deeper purpose and meaning as they see innovations and advances benefiting patients in their care.

Nurse treating a COVID positive patient showing the impact of our COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

And we will celebrate together another milestone of progress in 2023 as UT Southwestern’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. School of Public Health opens. This new School of Public Health is a research-based teaching institution strategically designed to deliver a systemic and pervasive approach to improving public health in Texas.

We are grateful for your support, friendship, and encouragement of the work we do.

With many thanks and regards, I am,

Kathleen M. Gibson
President and CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation