Marvin J. Stone, MD, MACP, FRCP, and his wife, Kathleen (Kathy) Stone, have given generously to sustain excellence in medical education for years.

Dr. Marvin Stone and Kathleen Gibson smiling outdoors

Left to right: Marvin J. Stone, MD, MACP, FRCP, and Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation

In 2016, Dr. Stone and his wife established the Marvin and Kathleen Stone Scholarship Fund through Southwestern Medical Foundation to provide scholarships for deserving UT Southwestern Medical School students. In addition, Dr. Stone joined The Heritage Society by establishing a charitable bequest through his will to contribute to the Fund.

Dr. Stone’s passion for supporting medical education began when he was awarded a scholarship that helped carry him through medical school, paving the way for a successful career in Dallas as a physician, teacher, author, and researcher.

“I was so thankful for my scholarship and knew how important that kind of support was for a medical student. It was a tremendous help to me and I hope we can provide similar support to at least one or two students.”

Dr. Marvin Stone 

Dr. Stone grew up near Columbus, Ohio, and completed his premedical studies at The Ohio State University. He earned a Master of Science degree in pathology and the MD degree with Honors from the University of Chicago School of Medicine. After finishing his internship and first year of residency at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, he completed three years of immunology research at the National Institutes of Health.

Throughout his training, Dr. Stone heard enthusiastic reviews from colleagues who interned at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Their recommendations motivated him to make Dallas his home. He finished his final year of residency as a senior resident in medicine and completed a fellowship in hematology-oncology, both at Parkland. He then joined the UTSW faculty where he remained for six years, rising to the rank of Associate Professor. After that he moved to Baylor University Medical Center, serving as the first Chief of Oncology and Director of the Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center. He continued as a Clinical Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern after moving to Baylor, where he retired in July 2013 after a more than 30-year career.

“The generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Stone is a vote of confidence in our students and helps to move them closer to reaching their higher educational goals.We are grateful for their continued generosity, which lightens the financial burden and allows students to focus on the most important aspect of medical school – learning.”

Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President, UT Southwestern 

A Philanthropic Connection

Through his connection to UT Southwestern, Dr. Stone became aware of Southwestern Medical Foundation’s role in providing financial support to students through the gifts of donors.

“The strong link between the Foundation and the Medical School inspires me. I don’t know how many other medical schools have a supportive arm like what exists here, but it is an enormous asset.”

Dr. Marvin Stone

Through the Marvin and Kathleen Stone Scholarship Fund and his charitable bequest, Dr. Stone hopes to ease the financial burden of medical school costs and continue UT Southwestern’s legacy of training the next generation of extraordinary doctors.

“One of the big problems I think we have in today’s medical education is student debt, and I would like to do whatever I can to eliminate that,” said Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone’s educational background and clinical expertise were significant driving factors in the creation of the Fund. As the author of more than 250 published articles and book chapters on hematology-oncology as well as a medical memoir, When to Act and When to Refrain, he has spent decades being involved in medical education and medical history. He was inducted into Fellowship in The Royal College of Physicians (London) in 2019.

Inspiring Decades of Medical Excellence

The far-reaching visions of early pioneers who shaped Dallas into an outstanding medical hub continue to inspire Dr. Stone. Dr. Edward H. Cary, the founder of Southwestern Medical Foundation and Southwestern Medical College, and Dr. Donald W. Seldin, who led the Department of Internal Medicine and helped develop training at the Medical Center, compelled Dr. Stone to continue investing in an enduring dream for the Southwestern region.

“One of the things that I admire so much about the way this school grew, and Dr. Seldin’s tremendous influence, was that he made UT Southwestern an academic center of excellence. This is what Dr. Cary had envisioned way back, even before Southwestern Medical Foundation.”

Dr. Marvin Stone

UT Southwestern’s commitment to molding students who demonstrate a high caliber of medical aptitude is what Dr. Stone thinks makes the Medical Center special. Dr. Seldin’s philosophy of attracting young talent to Dallas, sending them away for further training, and bringing them back on the faculty, is a unique quality that Dr. Stone attributes to its unprecedented success and international reputation.

Dr. Stone’s support for Southwestern Medical Foundation far surpasses financial contributions. He has remained an active member on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees since 2016, joining the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee in 2017. Dr. Stone also presented the Ho Din Award to the 2019 recipient, Bethany Werner, M.D.

“Dr. Stone has driven a tremendous amount of progress in upholding a standard of medical excellence for the entire Southwest region. He has been a knowledgeable champion of the missions of Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern. The contributions made by Kathy and Marvin continue to have a profound impact on the future of medical students.”

Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation 

Through his support and advocacy, Dr. Stone has helped to foster careers of hundreds of remarkable doctors, while delivering excellent patient care and unrivaled medical expertise.

“Supporting medical education is crucial because our progress in medicine is dependent on scientific advances, which requires physicians who are not only competent but compassionate. We need to train them as well as we can and instill in them a philosophy of lifelong learning.”

Dr. Marvin Stone