By Alex Winslow

As an estate planning professional, the most gratifying moments of my work are witnessing joy and satisfaction when families successfully match their highest priorities with their resources, often as part of an estate plan. Our family’s priority of excellence and innovation in health care was realized by becoming a member of The Wildenthal Society. A recent personal experience as a patient informed our decision.

My treatment as a UT Southwestern Medical Center patient began in 2018, after 4 years of suffering from a rare condition (cerebral spinal fluid leak) which causes misery and often full disability. Thankfully, a world-leading UT Southwestern expert neurologist provided near-immediate clarity and a path toward wellness. I would eventually return to my life as a husband, father, and provider. The high level of expertise and care at UTSW saved my life.

Alex Winslow (left) attending an Estate Planning Council event and tour on the campus of Old Parkland.

We live in a fantastic age in which health issues such as the one I experienced would have been unsolved just 15 years ago. UTSW’s reputation for excellence allows our community and the world to benefit from the leading work being done there. It is through philanthropic community members giving back that much of this medical advancement takes place. My family is pleased to have named UTSW as a life insurance policy beneficiary as this planned gift matches perfectly with our hope to leave the world a little better than we found it.


Alex Winslow

Alex is the CEO of Wealth Strategist and the Co-Founder of Harvester Wealth. He is also a member of Southwestern Medical Foundation’s Estate Planning Council and has been a member of The Wildenthal Society since 2022.