By Kathleen Gibson, President & CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation

At Southwestern Medical Foundation, it has always been our mission to impact the future of health and allow brilliant minds to achieve important breakthroughs.  Now we’re taking one step further toward those goals.

SWMed_KathleenGibson_CroppedWe are honored to announce the formation of The Cary Council to create a greater awareness of the mission of the Foundation and UT Southwestern Medical Center among young professionals and emerging community leaders.  A shared initiative of the Foundation and Medical Center, the Council will play an essential role in educating the next generation of leaders in our community.

The Cary Council is named after Dr. Edward H. Cary (1872-1953), who was a leading founder of Southwestern Medical Foundation in 1939 and, four years later, Southwestern Medical College, known today as UT Southwestern.  It was Dr. Cary’s vision and life’s work to advance medical education and scientific research in the “medical wilderness” of the Southwestern United States. Throughout his adult life, he led our community on a successful mission to “inspire a great citizenship to greater deeds.”

From the beginning, the Foundation and Medical Center were supported by farsighted civic and business leaders who recognized the relationship between bringing a great medical center to Dallas and the growth of a great city.  As the Foundation celebrates its 75th anniversary, and looks forward to the 75th anniversary of the start of Southwestern Medical College, it is exciting that The Cary Council is being formed now to take Dr. Cary’s original and important mission forward.

The emerging leaders who make up the Council will engage in exciting opportunities to learn and develop expertise about the messages and goals of the Foundation and the Medical Center. By bringing this group of driven people together who share a desire to continue the noble work that Dr. Cary began, Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern will assure a legacy and footprint that continue to grow in impact and in reach.

Home to Nobel Laureates and training ground for more than half of the physicians who practice in our community, the impact of the Medical Center has indeed been extraordinary.  UT Southwestern has helped to build a great city, while life-saving discoveries by its brilliant scientists and dedicated physicians have contributed to the health of people throughout the world.  It has given us insights that have shaped our understanding of cholesterol and led to the development of statin drugs, research that has put human nutrition on a scientific footing, breakthroughs in the treatment of Gulf War Syndrome, and many other advances, both achieved and in progress.

Members of the Cary Council will be advancing the tradition of visionary civic leadership that helps to lead both the Foundation and the Medical Center forward.

I am thankful that together with the leadership of one of our founding members, Michael Kahn, we can welcome the following members to The Cary Council’s prestigious new beginning:

Derek Alley,  Nancy Allred, John Bateman, Louis Bauer, Daniel Branch, Celia Moncrief Browning, Dr. Matthew Bush and Anne Bush, Annika Cail, Benjamin and Mackenzie Carpenter, Matt Carroll,  Patrick and Lindsey Collins, Lana Constantine, Grace Cook, Nathan Crow, John Cox, Justin Cox, Pete Dale,  Jessica Dale, Jonathan Dietz, Doug and Jessica Epperson, Hannah Fagadau, Anders and Ossa Fisher, Will Fletcher, Chris and Amanda George, Michael Gregory, Chris Hammes, Jean Lui Hansen, Erika Huddleston, Jacob Jones, Michael and Alex Kahn, Miles Lamont,  Andrew Lauck, Matt and Lili Luth, Andrew Mack, Kate Morris, Will and Luci Murchison,  Anne Pennebaker, Cole Rothwell, T. Blake Rowling,  Willing Ryan, Josie McGray Sewell,  Amanda Dillard Shufeldt, Lauren Van Wagenen, Chart Westcott, Leo Corrigan, IV, Sutton and Lindsey Wheeler, and Ford Wheeler.

We sincerely thank all the new members of The Cary Council for their interest and engagement in understanding the importance of academic medicine to our community. It is a tremendous honor to have these smart, talented council members engage with us to spread awareness of the mission of this important Dallas institution.  We carry on!