Dear Friends,

It is likely on rare occasions that we consider our personal and family legacies; yet, each day we are creating our legacies in the choices we make as we live our lives. These choices can inspire others throughout our lives and, also live on with lasting impact and fruit.

Southwestern Medical Foundation has been honored to steward many extraordinary family legacies. Each of the families with whom we have worked has wrestled with legacy questions: “how much do I give to family” and “how do I use my resources to make needed change.” Answering these questions as a family builds the basis for successful planning and legacy decisions.

In this issue of Planning Matters, and in this season of baseball, we hope to rouse and stimulate you to round the bases of successful planning and identify and articulate the values, lessons, and priorities of your family.

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Stone are inspiring examples we highlight in this issue. Marvin and Kathy have lived lives of tremendous service, and as they considered the challenges in our community today, they recognized the imperative to continue and expand financial support for future generations of medical students. Attracting and retaining top medical students who are trained to advance the practice of medicine is a tremendous gift to the future of our region and world.

In Planning Matters, we also showcase methods our donors have used to create charitable impact. Charitable gift annuities are discussed in this edition, with an update on recently increased payout rates. This method of planned giving has not only allowed our donors to make charitable gifts for purposes they hold dear, but also to enjoy tax advantages and fixed streams of income.

As always, if we may help in your planning needs and conversations, please do not hesitate to reach out. Each of us taking the steps to thoughtfully round the bases will ultimately bring us home.


With all best regards,

Kathleen M. Gibson


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