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Kathleen Gibson smiling wearing pearls dark blue blouse and a white wrapThe remarkable gifts you have made to Southwestern Medical Foundation have helped to build and sustain one of the leading medical centers in the world today. This has been a relentless community effort to encourage innovation and bring hope and healing through the artful interplay between science, technology, and humanity.

We consider this effort fundamental to the growth of our region. As today’s leaders, we see tremendous growth continuing and the need for progress in health care increasing as rapidly as ever. We are focused on sustaining this important mission and building an endowment to assure a continuous funding source for a critical part of the faculty, student, and research budget at UT Southwestern.

As we continue to grow our capacity to meet the demands of tomorrow, we hope that you will join us in considering how you can help in the progress and innovation that our future requires. Our endowment is a significant means to address the challenges of the future and the needs of our children and grandchildren.

Our endowment today represents many family legacies that are inspiring and lasting. Their names are known to wide-ranging circles of researchers, students, faculty members, and associates who reap inspiration from their support.

As you will read in this issue of Planning Matters, three families we hold dear have made generous gifts in support of students, science, and progress they wish to see. With deep insights, Dr. Kirsten Fischer-Lindahl, Dr. and Mrs. William Turner, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baylor have shared their stories on the needs they consider important in our region at this point in time. We are deeply grateful for their inspiration and generosity of spirit.

We appreciate all that our donors have done to support the advancements and innovation in health care that we enjoy today. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we may be of help to you in any way.


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Kathleen M. Gibson

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