Kathleen Gibson headshot in the planning matters fall 2021 issue.
Kathleen M. Gibson

Dear Friends,

With the builders and innovators in our community, it is a tremendous privilege to work each day to advance the progress we need in health care today – while also working to sustain the path to answer the questions that tomorrow will bring to our doorstep. Our overriding goal to better the lives of citizens in our community and construct a healthier and happier future for all is both a motivator and a driver toward solutions.

Many of you have joined us in this building and innovating over time. Your generous gifts and visions – like ours – stem from an unyielding drive to seek, “What’s next?” In answer to that question, our progress continues through the side-by-side commitment of leaders in science and leaders in our community. This partnership has created an exciting opportunity for communities and science to work together to solve the next and coming challenges we will face in public health.

In this issue of Planning Matters, we share the inspiring story of Dr. Harvey Birsner and the significant impact that his mentor made. Dr. Birsner, a UT Southwestern alumnus, established a trust to benefit Southwestern Medical Foundation, creating the Duke Samson Chair of Neurological Surgery. Dr. Samson, former Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at UT Southwestern and current Professor Emeritus, was a friend and long-time mentor. For many years, Dr. Birsner led a clinical practice in neurology in California while also serving as a Clinical Professor at UT Southwestern. We are honored to tell his story and steward his important and lasting gift of tribute.

As always, please know how much it means to us to hear and learn more from you. It is a pleasure to be here if there are any questions that we may work with you to answer.

With all best wishes, I am,


Kathleen M. Gibson
President and CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation