Southwestern Medical Foundation established Southwestern Medical College and helped to nurture its growth from a fledgling medical school into one of the preeminent medical research and academic centers in the world. Today UT Southwestern enjoys an international reputation for discovering the basis for disease through research, applying the discoveries to the clinical care of patients, and educating the next generation of health care professionals.

Without UT Southwestern – What Would Medicine Look Like Today?
UT Southwestern is world-renown for its high-impact research, which is the cornerstone upon which world-class medical education and patient care are built.

"If you could make one gift, you would choose
without question, the gift of better health.”

In the early 1940s, our founder, Dr. Edward Cary, wrote these words, urging the leading citizens of Dallas to support a great medical center in the Southwestern U.S. 

As a result, UT Southwestern plays a vital role in advancing health care that benefits our community, our state and the nation. Please consider giving the gift of better health and supporting the education and research so important to our future. 

Give the Gift of Better Health