Black and white photo of man sitting in a lab
Ronald Estabrook, Ph.D.

Ronald Estabrook, Ph.D., was recruited by Dr. Charles Sprague in 1968.

He made UT Southwestern a world-renowned center for biochemistry research and education, attracting some of the nation’s best and brightest scientists and students.

At the time, Dr. Estabrook was among the most cited researchers in the country for his breakthrough work on the hemoprotein molecule, cytochrome P450.

His work on its biological functions significantly furthered scientific understanding of how the body metabolizes drugs, pollutants, and environmental chemicals, including carcinogens.

In 1979, the school’s research excellence was recognized when Dr. Estabrook became the first biomedical researcher from Texas elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Many UT Southwestern researchers would later receive national and international acclaim for their work.

His contributions to the field of biochemistry and was instrumental in helping UT Southwestern become internationally recognized.