Our Community’s Role in Innovation

Over the past eight decades, Southwestern Medical Foundation has witnessed the rapid growth of the North Texas region. From what was once referred to as a “medical wilderness” to the sprawling hub of business, innovation, and culture that it is today, our city has undergone a profound transformation. However, this transformation would not have been possible without our community’s visionaries, innovators, and leaders underpinning its development.

Today, our community members continue to serve as catalysts for development in our city. Those who play an active role in engaging with others around progress and innovation are the ones who lay the groundwork for a world-class city.

At Southwestern Medical Foundation, we believe there is an abundance of opportunity to facilitate a highly engaged community. We are proud to support and champion organizations like Health Wildcatters, a nationally-ranked health care accelerator based in Dallas, Texas, who shares in this mission.

Aside from serving as a health care start-up accelerator, Health Wildcatters also educates and informs community members on topics in health care through a variety of programs, events, and speaking engagements. Among these events is the Texas Healthcare Challenge, a “hackathon-style” event that provides an opportunity for community members and members of the North Texas health care industry to unite under one mission: solving the challenges of modern health care. 

Watch our video below for a recap of the most recent Texas Healthcare Challenge:

Tackling Today’s Challenges in Health Care

Following its inaugural event in February, Health Wildcatters hosted another Texas Healthcare Challenge from August 9 to August 10. Southwestern Medical Foundation played a role in supporting the Texas Healthcare Challenge as a sponsor of the event.

August’s Texas Healthcare challenge boasted over 100 participants from around the nation. Participants came from varying backgrounds; including researchers, computer engineers, and health care professionals.

On the opening night, participants had one minute to come on stage and pitch a problem in health care that they either experienced or would like to see solved. The problems proposed spanned a wide range of topics, from poor accessibility to quality health care in rural areas to the high costs of emergency medical services. After forming 17 teams and choosing which issues to tackle, the “hacking” began, as teams spent less than 24 hours working together to formulate and develop their solutions. 

The final night concluded with the announcement of the winners for a total prize package of more than $360,000. The First Place and IBM Winner was Trial Connect, a team that pitched a platform meant to bridge the gap between clinical trials and patients. Among the winners were four other finalist teams and two IBM winners. 

The winning team at the health wildcatters event

The winning team, Trial Connect, recieves their award on-stage with CEO of Health Wildcatters, Hubert Zajicek. Photo courtesy of D Innovates.

“It was a fantastic event with great mentors and participants. Everybody was very supportive and positive.” Patricia Bubner, Ph.D., Texas Healthcare Challenge participant and Trial Connect team member

A Meaningful Partnership

The Texas Healthcare challenge is but one example of the incredible power community members hold in spurring innovation throughout their region.

Southwestern Medical Foundation is proud to support initiatives to continue inspiring progress in medicine. As our community continues to advance, evolve, and grow, we look to the organizations and people who make all of this possible.


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