We are deeply grateful for the leadership and guidance of our Board of Trustees, and for all the ways they dedicate their time to elevating the mission of Southwestern Medical Foundation. This post marks the launch of a special series, which profiles our board committee chairs. Linda Robuck (above, second from right) was first inspired to give back to her community by her parents, Jack and Dorothy Harbin, who supported medical education through the Foundation. Linda has been a Southwestern Medical Foundation Board of Trustees member since 2009 and Scholarship Committee Chair since 2013. 

1.  Tell us what inspires you most about students at UT Southwestern Medical School. What inspires me most about UTSW medical students is their commitment to their education and continued dedication to serving their communities with medical care.

2.  Why do you think it’s important to support medical education? It is important to support medical education because we need to continually improve medical care for our patients and strive to discover cures for currently incurable medical conditions.

3.  Can you tell us a little about your family history with Southwestern Medical Foundation? My parents, Jack and Dorothy Harbin, began supporting Southwestern Medical Foundation many years ago and I wanted to continue this important tradition. Medical care and education have always been a high priority in our family and we plan to continue and strengthen this tradition.

4.  What made you want to get involved with Southwestern Medical Foundation? I wanted to get involved with Southwestern Medical Foundation because they provide a lasting, sustainable contribution to medical education and care, which enhances our medical services worldwide.

 Linda and Joel Robuck

5.  What would you say to encourage others to support Southwestern Medical Foundation? If you really want to make a contribution to medical education and care, Southwestern Medical Foundation is an excellent opportunity to actively support this worthwhile cause. The Foundation is effective in improving medical education and helping students with scholarships.

6.  What inspires you personally, as a philanthropist? What inspires me, is to provide my time and resources to effectively support community needs, leading to significant achievements in solving problems which help our community.

7.  If you could give UT Southwestern students one piece of advice, what would it be? Focus on your education and research so you can be ready to contribute after you graduate.

Thank you, Linda, for your leadership and advocacy!