We hope you will find the time to read the most recent issue of Perspectives: 75 Years of Vision, Part II: 1980 to 1999.

SWMed_Perspectives_Fall2015“It was an exceptional 20 years – a period of time when a quality medical school became a magnet in our community for generous hearts and was able to attract from the world many of its most brilliant medical minds,” said Kathleen Gibson, President of the Foundation. “In a sense, it was a golden era.”

In the 1980s, aided by support from the Foundation and growing interest from the Dallas philanthropic community, the medical school gained international acclaim with three Nobel Prize winners. Advances in biomedical science accelerated our understanding of the mechanisms of health and disease, while the idea of disease prevention firmly entered the public consciousness. Despite unexpected economic challenges, it was a decade of remarkable achievement.

In the 1990s, an unprecedented fundraising drive significantly accelerated the development of the North Campus and marked the start of a significant leap forward in biomedical research. The medical school made a solid contribution to the most remarkable scientific project ever undertaken by mankind. An important clinical initiative came of age as the promise of Zale Lipshy Hospital became a reality, and a fourth Nobel Prize is won.

Lastly, during this period Southwestern Medical Foundation celebrated its golden anniversary – 50 years of unprecedented achievement and support.

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