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Our Four Building Standards

Each building standard is a promise to our donors, our beneficiaries, and the generations to come that we are dedicated to bringing the gift of better health to our community and the world beyond.

  • 1

    Service to Community

    We demonstrate a clear commitment to the principle of servant leadership. The Latin inscription on our original seal means "through science we serve" because, in the end, our work is about serving others. Our approach is collaborative and innovative in serving the best interests of the Foundation and achieving our mission.

  • 2

    Vision of Excellence

    We exhibit a commitment to excellence that builds on our extraordinary legacy. Through the support of visionary philanthropists, great impact continues forward.

  • 3

    Mindful Stewardship

    We take an unparalleled approach to stewardship - of donors, financial assets, and employees. We act with responsibility, displaying awareness of how our daily efforts connect to our bigger purpose and goals. Our interactions focus on creating deeper engagement in our mission.

  • 4

    Best Outcomes

    We seek to be the best foundation possible. We combine sound business principles with process-centered thinking, leading to best outcomes and ensuring performance that meets the highest standards.