What is your vision of a better world?

What are the obstacles?

What keeps you awake at night?

What are the causes behind the issues?

In a world where change is rapid and constant, it can be difficult to focus on the long game. But it stands true to say that each of us holds an opportunity to make an impact – during our own lifetime, and thereafter. On June 12, nearly 100 guests attended Life, Love, and Legacy: A Conversation with Phil Cubeta on the Old Parkland campus. Phil, who is a nationally-renowned expert on philanthropy and planned giving, explored the concept of the lasting gift and how each of us can plan our own impact on society.

Following Phil’s presentation, Ethel Zale and her grandson, Michael Kahn, spoke about the passions behind their family’s generosity. They have supported brain cancer research extensively at UT Southwestern Medical Center in honor of Beth Kahn, Ethel’s daughter and Michael’s mother. Michael also established The Cary Council, a group of visionary young leaders who are carrying on the tradition of giving with meaning to Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern.

More photos of the event.