Dear Friends,

In 2013, Southwestern Medical Foundation launched the Leading the Conversation on Health forum to highlight health care leaders in our community and share their insights in an engaging, small group setting. With topics ranging from biotech, to neuroscience, to the intersection of cancer and genetics, this series proved to be a dynamic outlet for thought leadership.

This year, we’re evolving Leading the Conversation on Health into something broader and bolder. Our small format series will remain as in years past, but you’ll notice the addition of rich digital content, blog posts, and opportunities to engage regularly around topics that matter to you. If you’re not already following our social media channels, I encourage you to visit the links below this post.

Our founder, Dr. Edward H. Cary, once said, “We are all bound together in this so-called bundle of life. Recognition of this responsibility on the part of the units of a city’s population is the first step in cultivating what may be termed a desirable soul for a city, which is the quickening of the city.”

Indeed are all bound together to create what happens next in cultivating a desirable soul for our city. At Southwestern Medical Foundation, there is a vast opportunity to cast a wider net in sharing information that benefits the greater good of our community.

Through our newly evolved Leading the Conversation on Health theme we want to bring more North Texans to the forefront of medical knowledge, so in turn they can make better informed decisions about their own health care. We believe that everyone deserves the gift of better health, and we hope you’ll join in our conversation.


With all best wishes, I am


Kathleen M. Gibson President & CEO
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