In the final installment of Southwestern Medical Foundation's 75-year history, we are brought to the present, to an academic medical center excelling in meeting the challenges of caring for a thriving community. To biomedical researchers leading the world in groundbreaking discovery. And to educators who have rethought, from the ground up, how to best prepare the next generation of leaders in patient care, biomedical science and disease prevention.

It begins as one of humanity’s most ambitious undertakings – the sequencing of the human genome – is completed. The medical school continues its ascent to the pinnacle of medical institutions worldwide as the robust North Campus development expands, facilitated by donor support. The Foundation steps in with leadership and philanthropic support to help spearhead the largest fundraising campaign in Dallas history. Zale Lipshy and St. Paul hospitals come under ownership of the Medical Center. And an act of unprecedented generosity enables the dream of a new hospital – one that would be unsurpassed among the country’s academic medical centers – to ultimately be realized.

At the core of the founders’ vision was the idea of setting and enforcing rigorous standards for medical excellence. That vision of quality becomes a dramatic clinical transformation, led by Dr. Podolsky, sweeping across the Medical Center, punctuated by the opening of the state-of-the-art William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. UT Southwestern claims its fifth and sixth Nobel Laureates, celebrates its first Breakthrough Award winner, and Dr. Cary’s dream of building a great medical center in the Southwestern U.S. is fulfilled.

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