Woman looking at her phone as she follows a health care foundation on social media.

Health care foundations and other charitable organizations are built on hard work and run on generous donations from caring individuals. But there are other ways — easy ways — to support nonprofits that go beyond making a donation. Here are four simple ways to get involved and become an advocate for causes that inspire you.

1. Follow a Health Care Foundation and other Charities on Social Media

You can help get the word out about the causes you care most about by simply hitting the “follow” button. Who knows? Maybe a friend of yours will see that you like a particular nonprofit and take interest, too. Plus, you’ll get to see what your favorite organizations are up to on a daily basis. Follow Southwestern Medical Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

2. Keep Up-to-date on News from the Nonprofits You Support

Charitable organizations can’t possibly cover all the good things they’re doing on social media. Get a bit more info and see what they’re up to by adding your name to their newsletter list. Subscribe to Southwestern Medical Foundation’s monthly e-newsletter to see how philanthropic leaders are driving innovation and medical progress every day.

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3. Ask For More Information about a Health Care Foundation

Many health care foundations send out annual giving reports or other publications with more in-depth information on the impact they have on their communities. For instance, Southwestern Medical Foundation publishes a magazine, Perspectives, that takes an up-close look at a cause it supports and features thought leadership from around the nation and globe. Our latest edition of Perspectives was centered around CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats), the revolutionary gene-editing with the potential to alter not just the world of health care but every living thing.

4. Shop With a Purpose

Many businesses offer ways to make a financial impact without having to spending any of your own money. One of the most widely used charitable shopping apps is AmazonSmile. All you have to do is enable AmazonSmile in your current Amazon account and select a nonprofit organization you wish to support (yes, Southwestern Medical Foundation is on the list). Then, Amazon will donate .5% of all eligible purchases to the charity of your choice.

Of course, there are benefits to getting involved in other ways as well. Monetary donations help charitable organizations fulfill their missions while also reducing your tax burden. Consider making a one-time donation to Southwestern Medical Foundation or including the Foundation in your estate plan. Click here to learn more about the different giving opportunities available.