On March 22, 2016, Southwestern Medical Foundation held its annual scholarship event — this year hosting a reception in the Pecan Room at Old Parkland — to thank philanthropists and introduce them to the deserving UT Southwestern medical students who directly benefit from their generosity.

Donations given to Southwestern Medical Foundation provided more than $220,000 in scholarship awards this year.

“I’d like to give special thanks to our generous donors for their support, which enables us to attract the best students and help pay for their educations,” said Robert B. Rowling, Foundation Chairman. “We are unbelievably proud of these students who are the lifeblood of the medical school and the community. There is a great need for doctors in North Texas and more than half of all physicians in this region are educated by UT Southwestern.”

For more than 75 years, Southwestern Medical Foundation has served as an important philanthropic partner to UT Southwestern. In support of educating the next generation of leaders in academic medicine and health care, the Foundation manages endowment funds, which provide both merit and needs-based scholarships that attract brilliant students from across Texas and the U.S.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Southwestern Medical Foundation for helping to pay for the education of students who are superb by all measures of intellect, motivation and caring,” said Wes Norred, UT Southwestern Vice President for Student and Alumni Affairs. “There’s a synergistic relationship between a faculty and its students: Our faculty is among the best in the world, and thanks to the efforts of Southwestern Medical Foundation, we continue to attract wonderful students who help inspire this great academic institution forward.”

During the reception, several students spoke to express their thanks.

“I want you to know that the scholarship money that’s given, it doesn’t just go into a big pile that’s not noticed. It affects us. As my wife and I try to pay off loans and incur as little debt as possible, it really does make a big difference in our lives,” said Phil Tolley, a 4th year medical student.

“This support has come in multiple ways. One, the incredible people and opportunities of UTSW…there have been so many great clinicians and mentors who have inspired me and challenged me to be the best physician possible and I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend medical school and learn from them,” added Jennifer Barclay.

Jean-Claire Dillon said, “I went to school in Virginia and was looking at the cost of medical school on the east coast. I’m the second generation of my family to go to college so the cost was overwhelming. I focused on selecting the school that would train me to be the best doctor I could be, while also giving me financial security.”

UT Southwestern trains more doctors than any other medical center in the Southwest, helped in part by Southwestern Medical Foundation scholarships provided by many generous donors, families and friends, and from such funds as: Dr. E. H. Cary Scholarship Fund, Martha and Robert Click Scholarship Fund, Frances B. Conroy Scholarship Fund, Dorothy R. Cullum Scholarship Fund, Siddons Duvall Scholarship Fund, Fred F. Florence Scholarship Fund, Felix B. and Josephine I. Goldman Trust Fund, Charlene and Bill Henslee Scholarship Fund, Senator Kay B. Hutchison Scholarship Award for Women in Science, Dr. J.A. Majors Scholarship Fund, Mr. and Mrs. M.A. McBee Scholarship Fund, Dr. M. Hill and Dorothy Metz Scholarship Fund, Morning Star Family Foundation Scholarship Fund, Lupe Murchison Foundation Scholarship Endowment, T. Boone Pickens Scholarship Endowment, Pillow Family Medical Student Scholarship Fund, Shirley P. Pollock Scholarship Fund, Kathryn and Ashley H. Priddy Fund, Ralph B. Rogers Scholarship Fund, Harold B. and May E. Sanders Scholarship Fund, Anne C. Schoellkopf Scholarship Fund, Jay Simmons Scholarship Fund, J.W. Simmons Scholarship Fund, Dr. Walter N. Skinner Scholarship Fund, Dr. Richard M. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund, Alayne and Charles C. Sprague M.D. Scholarship Fund, S. Edward Sulkin M.D. Scholarship Fund, R.L. Tayloe Scholarship Fund, Judith R. Tycher Scholarship Fund, Vanatta Scholarship Fund, Evelyn Whitman Scholarship Fund, Paul Wikholm Memorial Scholarship, and Dr. Bryan Williams Medical Student Scholarship Fund.

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