DALLAS – April 3, 2014 – Southwestern Medical Foundation has announced the members of its special 75th Anniversary Steering Committee. The 75th anniversary marks a milestone for the Foundation and provides the opportunity to honor donors and recognize the impact the community has had in advancing the important cause of academic medicine, research and medical education at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and philanthropists Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Donnell have been named honorary co-chairs of the 75th Anniversary Steering Committee. Foundation Chairman William T. Solomon will chair the committee.

Other committee members are Ruth Collins Altshuler; Jan Hart Black; Edward H. Cary, III; Mary McDermott Cook; David R. Corrigan; Harlan R. Crow; Thomas M. Dunning; Robert A. Estrada; Nancy Strauss Halbreich; Paul W. Harris; Lyda Hill; James R. Huffines; Mrs. Eugene McDermott; Daniel K. Podolsky, M.D.; Caren H. Prothro; Carolyn Perot Rathjen; Catherine M. Rose; Robert B. Rowling; Lizzie Horchow Routman; and Emmitt J. Smith, III.

Members of the 75th Anniversary Steering Committee will join with the Foundation to provide community leadership for special donor-appreciation events and marketing activities to celebrate the rich history of Southwestern Medical Foundation.

This year’s Charles Cameron Sprague Community Service Awards dinner will celebrate the 75th anniversary by honoring the Foundation’s extraordinary and important legacy as well as the individuals and community who have made it possible.

“The Steering Committee will play a vital role in celebrating the remarkable history of this Foundation in the last 75 years and the impact that has been made due to the foresight of so many wonderful visionary men and women,” said Foundation President and CEO Kathleen M. Gibson.  “To everyone who has contributed their time, talents and financial gifts, past and present, we humbly and sincerely thank you.”

Southwestern Medical Foundation and its founding members have a landmark legacy of advancing health care that benefits the community.  Several years after its formation in 1939, the Foundation established Southwestern Medical College and helped to nurture its growth from a fledgling medical school into one of the preeminent medical research and academic centers in the world. As a result of this important financial resource, UT Southwestern Medical Center today enjoys an international reputation for discovering the basis of disease through research, applying the discoveries to the clinical care of patients, and educating the next generation of health care professionals.

“We thank the Steering Committee members for dedicating their time and energy to recognizing the tremendous impact our donors have made over the last 75 years,” said Foundation Chairman Bill Solomon. “Foundation donors have played a pivotal role in providing support for research and clinical care initiatives and the extraordinary growth of the medical center campus. They have helped thousands of outstanding medical students complete their medical education. Thanks to our generous donors, it has been our privilege to foster this important culture within our city where generosity is imbued with such meaning.”