Dr. David Gerber, Kathleen Gibson and Dr. Marc Diamond

Southwestern Medical Foundation and UT Southwestern hosted the Estate Planning Council on November 15, 2016 to learn about innovative approaches in treating lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. David Gerber, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Department of Clinical Science, specializes in treating patients with lung cancer and is Co-Director of UT Southwestern’s Experimental Therapeutics Program. Dr. Gerber highlighted this program which aims to identify novel targets for tumor targeting, perform laboratory testing of new treatment strategies, and develop new biomarkers and clinical trials. In addition, Dr. Marc Diamond, Director of the Center for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases, presented new discoveries that are leading to potentially treating patients who are at risk for Alzheimer’s before symptoms are even present.   

The Estate Planning Council was formed in 2001 and currently has about 90 members. Members of the Southwestern Medical Foundation/UT Southwestern Estate Planning Council are leaders in the areas of estate and financial planning, particularly in law, accounting, insurance, and wealth management. They serve as ambassadors in the community through their awareness of clinical and research advances occurring at UT Southwestern and provide advice on efforts to educate the public about planned giving.

To view photos from the event, please click here.