On February 29, 2024, Southwestern Medical Foundation hosted its annual Estate Planning Council Luncheon at the newly opened Texas Instruments Biomedical Engineering and Sciences Building at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The event commenced with a warm welcome from Michael McMahan, Foundation President and CEO, who emphasized the collaborative spirit embodied by the new facility focusing on biomedical engineering research. Amanda Billings, UT Southwestern’s Vice President for Development, also shared an exciting look at the momentum of key projects at UT Southwestern, including an update on the new pediatric campus.

Photo Gallery: The Estate Planning Council Luncheon 2024

The highlight of the luncheon was a discussion led by Kareem Azab, Ph.D., who provided insights into recent advances in biomedical engineering research. Dr. Azab, who is a Rising Star CPRIT Scholar of Cancer Research, focuses his work on developing novel cancer therapeutics. His presentation showcased how his lab is working to improve the way cancer treatment is delivered to patients, which could significantly reduce negative side effects. Following the discussion, attendees were given the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art labs within the new building. These tours provided a firsthand look at the leading-edge research and technological innovations happening at UT Southwestern, underscoring the impact of philanthropy and collaboration in advancing medical science.