Dallas oilmen Louis Dorfman Sr. and Dr. Samuel Y. Dorfman Jr. have added another $1 million to their first $1 million gift, made in 2011, benefiting UT Southwestern’s new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.

The hospital’s Outdoor Dining Plaza will be named to commemorate their latest gift. The hospital’s Physician Dining and Conference Room will be named in their honor in recognition of the first gift. Dr. Dorfman is a 1967 graduate of UT Southwestern Medical School. Both donations were made to Southwestern Medical Foundation as part of the Building the Future of Medicine campaign.

The Dorfman brothers are longtime supporters of UT South-western. The family’s first donation to the medical center was in 1957 when the brothers’ father bequeathed funds from his estate to help with early cholesterol research. More recently, the Dorfman family has made donations to support spine research and clinical-care programs at UT Southwestern.

The Dorfman brothers lead Dorfman Production Co., a Dallas-based oil and gas production firm founded in the 1930s by their father, Sam Dorfman, a Ukrainian immigrant. The company owns and operates oil- and gas-producing properties throughout Texas and in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Ohio and Oklahoma.

In addition to his role as chairman of Dorfman Production, Louis Dorfman is chairman of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, a renowned rehabilitation facility for large cats, bears, and other wild and exotic animals located in Boyd, Texas. As the sanctuary’s animal behaviorist, he interacts with the large cats and bears using a unique “emotional enrichment” program that he developed 16 years ago and that the American Zoological Society may soon adopt.

He and his wife also own a horse ranch devoted to raising, training and rehabilitating Friesian horses. Mr. Dorfman earned a law degree from Southern Methodist University in 1963.

“Since our original donation, both my brother and I have had the opportunity to visit at greater length with Dr. Dan Podolsky [UT Southwestern president] and learn more about both the exciting changes he is instituting at the complex regarding attention to patient experience, attention and care, and the amazing innovations being incorporated into the new hospital,” Mr. Dorfman said. “It will be a real asset to Dallas and something with which we want to be associated and support wholeheartedly.”

Dr. Dorfman practiced internal medicine for more than 15 years before leaving the field to pursue other business ventures. Today, he serves as president of Dorfman Production. In 1977 he founded The Filling Station restaurant in Dallas, the first big-screen sports bar in the city. The iconic restaurant chain grew to include five Texas locations before it was sold to its current owner.