This year, An Evening with DocStars at Home features special experience boxes, complete with some fun DocStars swag, and at-home science experiments created by our very own former Cary Council Early Stage Research Grant recipients. Click on a video below to follow along! 


Let It Grow with Dr. David Greenberg

You’ll be singing “Let It Grow” during this experiment, as you participate in a surface-swabbing exercise around the house. Dr. Greenberg and his lab have compiled a list of areas in the house to swab and swipe onto a plate. Cover the plate, then watch and wait to see what grows!


Stop the Bleed with Dr. Olutoyosi Ogunka

Learn how to properly apply pressure and pack a wound to help stop the bleed at home.


Unbeliebubble with Dr. Jacques Lux

Raw vegetables contain the same cancer-fighting enzyme that is packaged in Dr. Lux’s nano-drug delivery system. In this experiment, you will add hydrogen peroxide and watch the enzyme work in real time.


Do or Dye with Dr. Chika Nwachukwu

Using different dyes, Dr. Nwachukwu will walk you through color changing experiments that mimic the way HPV is detected in patient samples.


Crack the Code with Dr. Richard Wang

Be put to the test in your own escape-room type activity with three layers of genetic sequencing puzzles to then crack the code for a final prize!


Stain Reaction with Dr. Prasanna Alluri

With pre-treated plates, you will stain cells with a purple solution to see how different drugs work for different types of cancer patients.


Extraction Action with Dr. Luis Sifuentes-Dominguez

Step into the science lab and learn how to extract and store your own DNA using salt, water and soap.


The Amazing Race with Dr. Animesh Tandon

You will be given a list of activities to help get your heart-pumping while wearing your very own pulse-oximeter on your finger to then track your vitals for each activity.