At Southwestern Medical Foundation, we support women in science who are inspiring the health care advancements of tomorrow. We are proud to champion the next generation of women and trailblazers who continue to drive progress forward. Southwestern Medical Foundation is deeply committed to empowering women in science and health, and as we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we reflect on the impact of leading women who we’ve had the privilege of supporting and celebrate their profound contributions to our community and beyond.

“We are proud to empower women in STEM who are driving medical progress forward and continue to invest in the next generation who will go on to lead the future of medical research and health care.”

Kathleen M. Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation 

1. Educating our Community


Women in Science Trailblazers with Kathleen M. Gibson at the 2019 bioborthTX iC3 Life Sciences Summit

In September 2019, Southwestern Medical Foundation was a sponsor and exhibitor at the bionorthTX 2019 iC3 Life Sciences Summit Conference. The Conference kicked off with a special discussion titled “Women in Science Trailblazers.” The panel discussion featured leading women who are working to improve life sciences through health care initiatives, sharing experiences shaping their journey of professional advancement. Kathleen M. Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation, joins a discussion with other trailblazers in the health care and life sciences industry, such as Claire Aldridge, Ph.D., AVP of Commercialization & Business Development at UT Southwestern.

Learning from Leaders with Lyda Hill 

Southwestern Medical Foundation’s 2017 Learning from Leaders discussion, hosted by The Cary Council, featured one of Dallas’ most influential philanthropists and leading women in science, Lyda Hill. Ms. Hill is the 2017 recipient of the Linz Award and a previous recipient of Southwestern Medical Foundation’s The Sprague Award, two of Dallas’ premier philanthropic awards. Ms. Hill imparted key advice and insights, outlining various stages of her life and how her experiences have shaped her philanthropically by allowing her to see a Dallas she didn’t know existed.

Carolyn P. Horchow Women’s Health Symposium 

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s annual Carolyn P. Horchow Women’s Health Symposium is named in honor of co-founder Carolyn P. Horchow, the late wife of Dallas philanthropist and retail entrepreneur Roger Horchow. Carolyn Horchow, who died in 2009, was on the board of visitors for UT Southwestern University Hospitals & Clinics and the boards of the Visiting Nurse Association of Texas and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. She was also active in the Dallas Women’s Foundation, the Charter 100 Club of Dallas, the American Red Cross, United Way and the Crystal Charity Ball.

2. Supporting Future Generations


Pinta Huff Harris’ Enduring Gifts of Endowment

Time after time, our community has proven the benefits of investing in forever through endowed giving. A gift made by Pinta Huff Harris in 1984 has benefited several programs, including the Endowed Scholars Program at UT Southwestern, which helps medical students pay for their education and has launched the careers of 109 new investigators.

Dr. Fischer-Lindahl

The Lasting Gift of Kirsten Fischer-Lindahl, Ph.D. for Women in Science

Kirsten Fischer-Lindahl, Ph.D., recently joined The Heritage Society through the establishment of a generous charitable gift annuity at Southwestern Medical Foundation. Her gift will benefit the Office of Women’s Careers at UT Southwestern Medical Center providing support for female faculty.

3. Supporting Medical Excellence

Lyda Hill’s establishment of the Department of Bioinformatics at UT Southwestern Medical Center

In 2015, Lyda Hill gave an exceptional $25 million gift to UT Southwestern to fund the establishment of the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics to bridge research and clinical care. With this commitment, Ms. Hill, who serves on the Board of Trustees of Southwestern Medical Foundation, has contributed more than $37.5 million to UT Southwestern, supporting research ranging from systems biology to the development of a genetic mutations database. Today, the Department of Bioinformatics continues to sustain medical progress, including hosting the annual U-Hack Med Hackathon at UT Southwestern.


2019 Ida M. Green Award Recipient: Bishakha Mona, Ph.D.

Bishakha Mona, Ph.D., was 2019’s Ida M. Green Award recipient. The award is named for visionary and civic activist Ida Greene and is presented by the Foundation to one female graduate student at UT Southwestern.


2019 Ho Din Winner: Dr. Bethany Werner

During the UT Southwestern Medical School commencement ceremonies on May 7, Southwestern Medical Foundation presented the 2019 Ho Din Award to Dr. Bethany Werner. Dr. Werner will soon begin her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The Ho Din Award, instituted by Southwestern Medical Foundation in 1943, recognizes those who embody the qualities inherent in all great physicians— medical wisdom, human understanding, and compassion.

2017 Ho Din Winner: Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Kolski 

During the 2017 UT Southwestern Medical School Commencement, Southwestern Medical Foundation presented the 2017 Ho Din Award to Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Kolski. The award was presented to Dr. Kolski by award-winning journalist and Southwestern Medical Foundation Trustee, Rena M. Pederson. Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Kolski is considered by many of her peers as a gifted and distinguished student with extraordinary clinical skills and acumen, and a deeply caring person.

2015 Ho Din Winner: Dr. Laurie Elise Seidel

The first woman of the decade to earn the prestigious Ho Din Award was Dr. Laure Elise Sedial. At UT Southwestern, Seidel maintained a 4.0 academic record and was chapter vice president of the American Medical Student Association. She began her residency in pediatrics at the University of Colorado-Denver.