The rare but profound cases in which innovation can be translated into action are what drive a community forward. 

BionorthTX was formed to create these types of connections by serving and representing the life sciences industry in North Texas.

The goal of bionorthTX is to accelerate the growth of the diverse and balanced life science ecosystem in North Texas. This includes health care, life sciences, research, the vendor community, and talent and capital resources. Ultimately, this creates the opportunity for companies to connect with industry leaders, ground-breaking technologies, the investment community, nationally-ranked colleges and universities, a wealth of consultants, researchers, technicians, and more. 

bionorthTX hosts a large variety of events and networking opportunities to continue developing a rich environment for biomedical science innovation and collaboration, benefiting the overall health care of North Texas. 

Kathleen M. Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation, joins a discussion with other trailblazers in the health care and life sciences industry.

Kathleen M. Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation, joins a discussion with other trailblazers in the health care and life sciences industry.

On September 27, 2019, Southwestern Medical Foundation was a sponsor and exhibitor at the bionorthTX 2019 iC3 Life Sciences Summit Conference, hosted on the UT Arlington campus. The 2019 iC3 Life Sciences Summit consistently focuses on the pillars of bionorthTX’s charter: innovation, collaboration, capital, and commercialization.

The Conference kicked off with a special discussion titled “Women in Science Trailblazers.” The panel discussion featured leading women who are working to improve life sciences through health care initiatives, sharing experiences shaping their journey of professional advancement. 

The panel was moderated by Valeria Freeman, CEO of Imprimis Group, and included Dr. Claire Aldridge, Ph.D., AVP of Commercialization & Business Development at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Ratinda Dhami, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Network Partners, Kathleen Gibson, Foundation President and CEO. Through her role on the bionorthTX Board of Directors, Gibson has helped to promote and advocate for bionorthTX’s important mission to champion bio innovation. 

“There is a tremendous growth in leading through both opportunities and challenges. No matter what we face in our lives and careers, we can find the opportunity for growth. If we can see barriers, or even a lack of success, as challenges to overcome, we create the right environment for progress.”

Kathleen M. Gibson, CEO and President, Southwestern Medical Foundation

The discussion set the tone for the rest of the day, providing insight into progress being made in life sciences in our community, connecting business leaders to researchers, and facilitating a discussion around how to translate ideas and innovation to commercialization. 

Biomedical science students at UT Arlington

Biomedical Science students at UT Arlington stop by to learn more about advancements in their community and the Foundation’s role in supporting life sciences.

The Conference hosted an audience from varied backgrounds and countries, including Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and the U.S., joining the thriving life sciences community in North Texas. Attendees engaged around several sessions, exploring topics such as virtual reality’s role in rehab, the state of the biotech industry, and the role of angel investors in life sciences startups. 

Exhibitors and attendees were provided with the invaluable opportunity to network with other industry professionals, biomedical science students, researchers, and innovators.

Southwestern Medical Foundation is proud to support and participate in the important discussions fostered by bionorthTX. We are appreciative of our special partnership, which allows our community to continue improving the health care of tomorrow by advancing life sciences in our region. 

Watch our recap video below to learn more about the bionorthTX iC3 Life Sciences Summit.