Supporting top medical students is an investment that will be repaid many fold in the future, in the alleviation of suffering, and in innovation and discovery.

"The medical progress in any community is largely associated with the development of the medical education within the community."

Edward H. Cary, MD  

Scholarships are vital to attracting and retaining the best talent, and that can happen right here in our own community. By funding scholarships, we are helping take care of the doctors we will rely on to take care of us.

In fact, 60 percent of all practicing physicians in North Texas receive some or all of their education at UT Southwestern.

Excellence in medical education assures top faculty, helps to maintain the quality of research and lead to the medical breakthroughs that create major advances in clinical care, improving life for patients in an environment that inspires physicians to share their knowledge with the next generation of physicians.  

“I have seen joy on a new mother’s face after her baby is born, the relief of a patient after he was told that he did not have a stroke, and the pain on parents’ faces when their child is diagnosed with cancer. 

With your support, I am able to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities at one of the best medical schools in the country, earn a medical degree, and help many patients in the future.”

Female medical student


“Your generosity has a real and tangible impact on lives like mine each year. I know that there is no shortage of need among medical students, and there is no gift too small to be helpful.

Scholarships like this one keep us moving forward, allowing us to focus on our studies instead of our debts. Thank you for your continued support of medical education.”

Male medical student

Your support can make the difference in a career that advances medicine for the benefit of us all. We invite you to consider a scholarship donation today.

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